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Paxton Employees Volunteer for Student Mentoring

by Geny Caloisi

The Brighton-based technology manufacturer Paxton has partnered with the LoveLocalJobs Foundation and Patcham High School, to provide student mentors for their Dare to Dream programme. 

Paxton’s volunteers are working with Patcham High School in Brighton, helping to inspire an entire cohort of year 9 students to Dare to Dream. The British security manufacturer’s volunteers will then individually mentor 15 students who will benefit the most from their support at the school. 

Nicola O’Donnell, HR Director at Paxton, explains: “We are delighted to finally be working more closely with LoveLocalJobs, and their Dare to Dream programme. This allows us to work with other Brighton businesses in schools to support and encourage younger generations to achieve their future goals and desires. 

“Our five business mentors are extremely excited to be working with students from Patcham High School.”

Dare to Dream is a programme that aims to challenge and inspire young people to develop the ways in which they think and give them the confidence they need to reach their full potential. The initiative was created by the LoveLocalJobs Foundation. They work in partnership with Sussex schools and colleges to provide students with inspirational mentors from local businesses and organisations. 

Christina Fishlock, who works for the foundation as their Head of Community Programmes, explains: “Dare to Dream supports local Sussex students by raising aspirations. It’s about challenging the way students think so they understand the wonderful things they can achieve. 

 “The feedback we receive is always really positive with schools seeing an improvement in attendance, behaviour and achievements. We also gather data which shows that students are more confident and in tune with their skills after taking part in the programme.”

The programme is led by Jack Hayes, otherwise known as Jack the Lad, the former Heart FM host, who is now on air with More Radio. He presents his own personal journey, as well as listens to the incredible stories and aspirations of Sussex students. Jack explains: “I’ve known Gary Peters, the CEO at LoveLocalJobs for a long-time. Gary knew I came from a troubled upbringing and didn’t do well at school. When I left Heart, he asked me if I could get involved and design a programme that tells my story and helps implement the skills and personality traits students need to get on in the world.

“It’s about getting students to aim higher and do it in the right way by being the right kind of person.”

Alongside the inspirational talks, the students will take part in a series of interactive workshops prior to a working visit at Paxton’s HQ in Brighton. The syllabus is delivered around the core themes of self-awareness, mindset, gratitude, resilience, teamwork, and employability. The mentors who deliver this guidance use their own life experiences and professional knowledge to drive and motivate the students.

Christina Fishlock concludes: “The last 18 months have been so difficult for young people. Schools have seen two academic years disrupted. The impact has been significant in terms of affecting confidence and mental health. It is more important than ever that we give young people the support they need.


“We can’t run programmes like this without support from organisations like Paxton. What they brin

g is a growing and innovative business, with a commitment to support their local community. As a tool to inspire young people, you can’t ask for a better partner.”


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