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Paxton and Hikvision ANPR integration

by Benchmark

ANPR was once the exclusive preserve of law enforcement agencies, but with advances in on-board processing, the technology is now commonplace, even at the edge. This allows ANPR to act as an access credential, as is the case with this integration.

What is it?

Paxton and Hikvision have worked together to produce an integration that allows the Net2 access control system to link with ANPR-enabled cameras from Hikvision to use captured vehicle details as a credential for barriers and other automotive access systems. This approach provides a range of benefits and cost-savings for end users and enables installers and integrators to deliver added value, with ease, to their customers.

The ANPR-enabled cameras can either be linked with Net2 in a standalone mode, or can form part of a full video surveillance solution. This allows legacy systems to be enhanced with additional functionality, or for bespoke add-ons to be created as and when required.

The integration allows ANPR-equipped systems to be seamlessly linked with, and controlled from, the Net2 access control software interface.

How does it work?

The process is relatively straightforward. When a user is created in the Net2 access control software, they typically have a credential such as an entry card or access fob and PIN linked to their identity. Where this integration is implemented, their vehicle registration is also added.

When approaching a gate or barriers, the ANPR camera will detect the vehicle’s numberplate and transmit the details to the Net2 system. If the vehicle is recognised, and the access attempt is during a valid access period and meets other security criteria, the gate or barrier will be opened. A full audit trail of all transactions will also be generated.

The partnership takes both manufacturers’ expertise and knowledge in their respective technological disciplines and applies this into a flexible access control solution that elevates the role of ANPR as a permission-based credential to a new level.

Is it complex?

As a part of the Benchmark Smart Solutions project the test team made use of Net2 for access control assessments, and part of this was to make use of the video integrations which are included in the access control software. Adding video to Net2 is simple, fast and requires no special skills or training.

In order to implement the ANPR integration an additional plug-in is required, which can be downloaded from the Paxton website, along with application notes.

Because Paxton and Hikvision have worked closely on creating a seamless integration, there are no issues or processes which will be beyond the skill set of any typical security installer or system integrator. In short, the process is easy!

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