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Pelco VideoXpert Professional

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For many years Pelco was a manufacturer typically included on shortlists when mainstream hardware-based video management and recording solutions were specified. In recent times the manufacturer’s offerings migrated towards the higher end, with a greater focus on software. With VideoXpert Professional, this changes!

What is it?

VideoXpert Professional is Pelco’s video management system packaged on a hardware appliance, thereby removing the need to specify and configure a server. Aimed at the ‘medium-sized’ business market, it represents a hardware-based flexible video solution which is both powerful and installer-friendly.

For many years Pelco offered reliable and robust hardware-based video management and recording solutions to the mainstream market. While it could be argued that the company’s focus has been on higher end projects and software-based implementations, VideoXpert Professional offers installers and integrators a one-box solution which packs the punch of the VMS.

The hardware itself comes in four options: Power Server, Flex Server, Eco Server and Workstation. These male use of Intel Xeon processing or i7 processing for the workstation model. The servers can support up to 28TB storage (12TB for the Eco Server) and all run Microsoft Windows 10 IoT on a solid state drive.

The VMS supports up to 100 cameras and has a throughput of 450Mbps. It includes VideoXpert Toolbox, which the manufacturer claims will allow installers and integrators to have the system up and running in under 20 minutes. It can also support NAS devices to extend retention of footage.

What about connectivity?

The VideoXpert functionality can be extended through plug-ins including mapping, overlays and ANPR functions. It also is compatible with Pelco and ONVIF Profile S conformant third party cameras and devices.

Installation is described as plug-and-play, and the solution is fully scalable (within the limitations of the selected hardware).

The system can be integrated with other security and building systems as it has been built around open standards. A complete application programming interface (API), software development kit (SDK) and dedicated technical support structure allows advanced interfaces to be developed.

Will it be a risk?

Pelco is introducing VideoXpert Professional with what it calls a ‘Control with Confidence’ demo licence. This allows installers and integrators to download a one year free licence for up to four devices, thus allowing them to try out the VMS to see what features and functions are available before purchasing the full system.



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