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Portable video solution for large sites

by Benchmark

After months of research, testing, analysing, and extensive software development, webeyeGO has launched. It is a game-changer for rapid-deployment security and is ideal for protecting construction sites, vacant properties, event security, fly-tipping hot spots or anywhere that needs temporary site protection, quickly!

webeyeGO is not a single product but a combination of carefully integrated equipment to offer outstanding durability, and stay in the field for much longer than any other rapid-deployment solution. It combines battery-powered equipment recharged by efficient solar panels for trouble-free operation, and the extensive battery life means fewer call-outs. The complete, end-to-end video security solution is compact enough to transport in a small vehicle, so just one person can quickly move and set up in new locations when needed.

Video alarm notifications work via the webeyeCMS alarm handling and management platform. The cloud-based system does much more than just alarm receiving. It provides invaluable metrics to help users understand the health condition of deployed GO systems, including GPS tracking data, battery charge levels (all battery charged devices), WiFi signal strength, PIR sensitivity settings and more.

The integration into webeyeCMS takes the hassle out of managing alarms and is the automated delivery platform for webeyeGO systems. It is a VSaaS platform that doesn’t incur installation charges, or annual licencing fee or minimum orders. It is a complete automation platform that, for a small monthly fee per system, has the power to handle all  video alarms and can be used as a self-monitoring solution or escalated to approved monitoring stations.

The webeyeGO launch kit contains everything needed for fast and discreet site monitoring: 2MP weatherproof battery-powered cameras charged by 10W solar panels, and a portable and weatherproof base station including lithium-ion battery pack, router and tracker recharged by a 50W solar panel.

Features include a simple arm/disarm function, battery health notifications/indicator, integral anti-theft GPS tracker, low-cost video monitoring, unlimited cloud storage, optional false alarm filtering and system health check.

The system has no integration costs or licence fees, and is AWS cloud-hosted for compliance, resilience and easy regional access.


Email: [email protected]


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