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Post-pandemic update to Maxxess’ eVisitor

by Geny Caloisi
Maxxess has released an update to its eVisitor management solution with mobile access integrations and touchless reader choices to support more flexible workplace operations post-pandemic.

The release includes options for mobile access control using smartphones, with authorised visitors and site users now able to pass through secure entrances utilising a choice of more convenient and hygienic contactless and touchless methods, including secure, GDPR-compliant biometrics.

Touchless kiosks allow reception staffing levels to be reduced in settings from hospitality to corporate offices and provide faster, more convenient check-in and entry for guests.

For the growing number of organisations wanting to switch old-style access cards or fobs for smartphones, eVisitor now allows access to be granted when users place their phones in front of a reader like a standard card. Users can ‘press and enter’ using remote control; they can slide their hand across the reader without needing to take out their phone; they can pat on their phone while it’s in their pocket, or they can approach the reader.

eVisitor Smartphone Mobile Accesss.jpeg

Technology that differentiates between access points at distances up to 20 metres allows multiple readers to operate in the same area. The system controller can specify which options each reader offers, depending on the security and operational requirements of each location.

The updated eVisitor makes it faster and easier for site users, including regular staff, contractors, and temporary workers – to get into the areas where they are authorised to be and gain access to the facilities they are entitled to use Wi-Fi and IT networks.

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