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by Benchmark

barox Kommunikation, the manufacturer of IT switches for video networks, has introduced Smart Sticky MAC and IP address Enterprise-class network security. Supporting built-in cybersecurity on all RY-series switches, the Smart Sticky MAC and IP address learning adds an additional layer of security.
An easy automated process via the DMS GUI, once configured, Smart Sticky learns the dynamic MAC addresses of all connected ports, devices and VLANS, turning them into secure MAC addresses. It adds each secure MAC address to the running configuration, and freezes them and their associated IP addresses, making them Sticky.

Whilst traditional device protection via MAC filtering alone offers simple protection against unwanted network access, it does not, for example, protect against a widespread attack of MAC spoofing. Smart Sticky, with its combined MAC and IP address protection, provides advanced port and network security with Limit Control settings. With this functionality, the port is shut down if a camera or other network device is unplugged.

By learning the Mac and IP address of each port, it is no longer possible for a port to be hijacked. This prevents unknown devices accessing the network. Only devices with a known MAC and IP address will operate on the network.

If non-managed switches are connected to terminal devices, Limit Control can be used to block free terminals, and prevent access to the network ports of those non-managed switches.

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