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Edesix VB-400

by Benchmark

Edesix, the provider of Body Worn Cameras (BWC), has launched its latest VideoBadge, the VB-400. The device is predominantly aimed at the policing and security sectors, where officers on the front line utilise BWCs to help prevent both criminal and anti-social behaviour when out on patrol.

Captured footage not only provides greater transparency of interactions with the public, but also significantly increases early guilty pleas when used in a prosecution.

The VB-400 has been designed to be a simple, unobtrusive addition to any uniform. It features IP67 ingress protection, and delivers full HD1080p recording. The devices supports Bluetooth sensor monitoring and built-in GPS functionality, which simplifies camera asset management across large estates.

Other features include a full-shift battery life, Wi-Fi streaming, 120 degree horizontal field of view and haptic and audio feedback alerts to show when recording has been activated.