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Luminite NEXUS Panic Alert

by Benchmark

Luminite Electronics has announced a new addition to its NEXUS range of critical alert systems. NEXUS comprises a range of wireless internal and external call points with sounders and beacons which can be rapidly deployed on construction sites and schools to provide a robust alarm system.

The NEXUS Lockdown system, aimed at schools, has enjoyed success as OFSTED dictates a school’s lockdown alert must sound different to the fire alarm. The NEXUS Lockdown call points and sounder/strobes not only look different, but the user has 32 different sounds to choose from.

Annunciator versions are also available where a lockdown message can be aired on activation. This can be a standard message or one that the school records themselves.

Following feedback, the company has added a mobile panic alert to the system. Designed to be worn on a lanyard by school staff, the mobile fob will trigger the system if the user is within 100 metres of any call point or sounder/strobe.

The NEXUS units are battery powered and have a long and robust transmission range of 1km between units. The systems are portable and quick and easy to install with no civil works or cabling required.

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