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Nortech NorParc

by Benchmark

NorParc is a Windows-based counting and parking guidance system from Nortech, which provides centralised count management, monitoring and guidance control for parking facilities which) have multiple entry and exit points.

Nortech’s counting solution includes a comprehensive range of high-intensity RGB variable message signs that use low profile LED matrices offering bright, clear messages indicating available spaces and status messages.

Each panel can display count values of up to 5 digits and, depending upon the sign variant, there are options to display FULL, OPEN or SPACE and direction arrows.

The range includes single level internal and external signs plus self-contained multilevel information signs.

External signs meet the EN 12966 standard for visual, physical and durability, and provide high optical performance. External models are housed in robust weatherproof aluminium housing (IP65). Signs are available as single count displays or multilevel displays with additional information such as headings, logos, symbols and individual titles.

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