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ITS Products CMD Range

by Benchmark

Given the high profile of security risks in prisons, detention centres and other sites designed for the control of unpredictable or vulnerable persons, a focus has been placed on security devices which offer robust and reliable solutions. ITS Products offers the CMD range, designed for such applications.

While the market for prisons, custody suites and detention centres is very important to a number of security installers and integrators, the reality is that for many such applications never even come up on their radar. However, products developed for such markets have to stringently meet the highest standards, and as such can deliver performance (both in terms of functionality and resilience to abuse) that excels when compared to more traditional ‘robust’ offerings.

ITS Products, a UK-based manufacturer, has released new stainless steel versions of its high security CMD cameras. The camera modules can be supplied as IP variants with HD1080p video or as standard analogue options. The cameras also include integral infrared illuminators to enable operation in all lighting conditions.

The angular design ensures the cameras can be deployed at sites working to the principles of ‘Safer Cells’ and ‘Safer Detention and Handling of Persons in Police Custody’ standards.

Originally developed for the police custody market, the cameras include a number of features specifically designed to meet the challenges of detention facilities. The housing design ensures that the device has no ligature point which can be used the room occupant.

The wide-angle lens technology ensures the camera delivers maximum room coverage, and the high-power low-energy covert LED-based infrared illumination allows the room to be monitored regardless of lighting conditions without disturbing the occupant.

The CMD range has been made available in stainless steel following requests from the custody marketplace. It is also available in a high gloss white finish. The glazed camera cover is also scratch-proof and impact-resistant, protecting the device from both attack and accidental damage.

The CMD-2-IP HD1080p version of the camera is ONVIF-compatible and can be used with a wide variety of third party open platform VMS solutions and NVRs. It uses a 1/2.7 inch CMOS sensor and delivers a quoted sensitivity of 0.2 lux. Video formats include H.264, M-JPEG and MPEG4, and triple streaming is supported, as is multi-casting. Bit-rates of between 64Kbps and 12Mbps can be applied.

The modular camera can be replaced quickly using just six security screws, and an internal microphone can be added as an option if required.

The device also incorporates motion detection. Power is via PoE (IEEE 802.3af).