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Reaping the Rewards of Genuine Integration

by Benchmark

Today’s commercial and industrial landscape is in a state of flux. Change is occurring and the influences on business operations are coming from inside the various industries as well as from global events. Some of the changes are positive, such as technological advancements, the growth of artificial intelligence, improved communications, cost-effective design practices and a greater awareness of the benefits available from data mining. Others present challenges, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, turmoil in the political arena and cybersecurity risks.

As a result, end users need to be sure they are investing in scalable, flexible and efficient systems which can be adapted to meet these changing requirements, without a need for prohibitive additional investment or significant downtime. Integration with other systems is also key to delivering a solution which meets the demands of modern applications.

Whether managing standalone sites or more complex campus-type businesses, or indeed multi-site organisations spread across wide geographical areas, end users are tasking their integration partners with the delivery of a unified platform which can manage a range of solutions to ensure their people, property and assets are adequately protected.

However, increased pressures on budgets have resulted in end users resisting the purchase of solutions which don’t incorporate a tangible RoI (return on investment). Historically, it has proved difficult to establish an RoI for security systems due to the nature of their operation. For example, while there is no doubt a security system has a deterrent effect, measuring the value of this in a quantitative way is not straightforward. The introduction of advanced integrations ensure a measurable RoI is introduced, thus increasing the use case for a security solution.

When seeking a well-established and proven integrated and scalable solution with a high degree of flexibility, the award-winning Integriti solution from Inner Range delivers high performance with all the required benefits for modern solutions. An access control system with graded intruder alarm support (compliant with European standard EN50131), the system can be integrated with video surveillance and perimeter protection systems to deliver a secure, scalable security platform.

Integriti can also manage a range of other technologies such as visitor management systems, parking management, elevator control, fire detection and alarms, asset tracking, etc.. To assist with day-to-day operations of a site, the data gathered by Integriti can be used to add value for HR departments and for health and safety compliance, such as muster reporting in case of a need to evacuate the premises. The system supports Active Directory Integration, making it suitable for the security of digital assets and access to networked devices and data.

Such is the flexibility of Integriti that it can be used to manage employee benefits too. Cashless vending is supported, as is access to leisure facilities such as fitness areas or other facilities within the site.

The current pandemic is a challenging situation for many businesses and organisations, and the need for Track and Trace measures is evident from Government requirements. For many businesses, the need to create or adapt measures to meet these challenges causes concerns, especially as the delivery of such measures is a matter of compliance. To meet this need, the latest version of Integriti (v20.1.1) includes a Contact Tracing feature which helps users identify personnel who have been in close contact with any person found to be infected with COVID-19 or any other communicable disease. Easily generated and shared, the Contact Tracing report can ensure the highest levels of protection for staff and visitors, ensuring the business meets its duty of care.

As more businesses and organisations are taking steps to minimiser their carbon footprint, Integriti can add value in terms of power management. For example, power to designated departments or floors within a building can be controlled automatically, based upon occupancy and activity within those areas. It is also possible to control lighting, heating and air conditioning, making building management more efficient.

For distributed sites where concerns may exist for solo workers, the system can also support lone worker tracking. This ensures any incidents, such as a worker being attacked or being injured, is reported in real time to an operator, ensuring the employer is compliant with regards to their duty of care.

Integriti is available in four variants based upon licensing: Express, Professional, Business and Enterprise. Express has been designed to include the required functionality for the basic administration of sites which require a single controller. The Professional version expands on this, supporting management of multiple controllers and multiple sites. It also allows expansion and integrations to be added.

The Business version extends the capabilities Professional, including extensive reporting capabilities to ensure day-to-day operations can enjoy the benefits of a unified platform. Business also includes advanced integrations with video surveillance systems. Finally, the Corporate edition is fully featured enterprise-grade software that delivers Integriti’s full potential. It is ideal for large scale sites and includes support for on-site guards and monitoring.

For sites with a need for robust high security protection, such as critical infrastructure applications, Inner Range also offers Integriti Encrypted High Security. This is a resilient solution which features 128-bit end-to-end encryption and MAC address authentication. It shares the powerful functionality of Integriti but can also meet the requirements for access control and intruder detection at higher risk sites such as defence establishments, medical and governmental applications. Integriti Encrypted High Security is also ideal for establishments that demand the highest security for counter-terror purposes or other high-risk scenarios.


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