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Reaping the Rewards of Smart VMS Deployment

by Benchmark

As an increased number of end users demand additional benefits to boost the RoI (return on investment) from their VMS-based solutions, so it pays to design and build solutions based on video management tools which are flexible, scalable and regularly upgraded to ensure compatibility with the constant changes in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape. CathexisVision is capable of meeting these needs and delivering on users’ expectations.


Modern VMS solutions, such as CathexisVision, can provide a wide range of benefits for security applications. VMS has increasingly become the platform of choice when designing smart video surveillance solutions, and the flexibility and scalability on offer makes the technology a natural fit for sites with changing needs and a requirement to adapt to various threats and challenges.

Much of the power of a VMS relies on the use of Rules: simple logical relationships which allow actions to be linked with incidents. For example, using CathexisVision, Rules can be created to automate certain actions based upon a range of criteria.

CathexisVision Rules are fully customisable and can be defined to include AI-enabled object recognition. For example, a Rule might be created to alert an operator and instigate real-time high resolution recording if a vehicle is detected on site between certain hours. While many other VMS systems also offer Rules-based actions, many will simply generate the action if any object the size of a vehicle is detected in the prescribed time zone. What sets CathexisVision apart is the object recognition. The VMS can differentiate between people, animals and vehicles, using artificial intelligence. This means that when the example Rule is triggered, the object will be a vehicle.

This capability increases the accuracy of detections and actions, enhancing security and delivering a superior level of protection. If the VMS has been installed to achieve a high level of security, then this functionality adds value and enhances the RoI.

However, when deploying a powerful tool such as CathexisVision, it pays to consider the wider opportunities presented by a smart VMS. Integration with other systems adds value, and additional benefits such as business intelligence and site management can also be realised. The flexible Rules features are not just for alarm events.

Rules are similar to Macros, but without a need to learn archaic data strings to perform tasks. The CathexisVision Rules engine uses drop-down menus and simple buttons to establish criteria and resultant actions.

In a CathexisVision system, data gathered from the VMS and a host of sub-systems can be used to allow the creation of Rules. The data can come from many sources: video and detections from security systems, real-time on-site personnel information from access control and time and attendance systems, triggers and reports from environmental sensing, outputs from process control systems, communications networks, status updates from power management, etc.. Data can also be collected from third party sources.

Because of the way Rules are constructed, the available options will be limited by the edge devices connected to the system and the data being collected. For example, a system with monitored doors will be able to include conditions in Rules based on whether doors are open or closed, but the option will not be available if the doors are not monitored.

Rules can use AND and OR operations for added flexibility. For example, a site might receive regular deliveries on weekday mornings before the start of the working day. Lorries need to access a loading area for this purpose. A Rule could be created to manage this using AND Operations.

If video analytics detects a large vehicle entering the site AND it is a weekday between 6am and 9am, the system should automatically open the Gate to the loading area. It could also send a push notification to a relevant member of staff so they can accept the delivery.

However, if the lorry is detected AND it is not a weekday between 6am and 9am, the system will not open the Gate, instead activating a call point so the driver can talk to staff.

An AND Operation allows a filter to be included which can either verify a condition or trigger a specific action, based upon two or more status conditions occurring together or within a defined time period. With CathexisVision, Rules can be filtered using an AND condition based on whether the detected object is a person, an animal or a vehicle.

OR Operations differ, in that only one of a list of criteria needs to occur in order for an action to be taken. Using the previous example, the gate to the loading area could be configured to automatically open if the time meets the prescribed criteria OR if a relevant member of staff is on-site. OR Operations would be more commonly used in the example application if there were a number of access routes, multiple permitted time zones, or diverse criteria relating to relevant personnel on site.

The use of Rules in CathexisVision can be realised via a wide range of systems including VMS, access control systems, fire detection systems or other compatible devices. Rules can make use of a wide range of data sources such as detectors and sensors, video and video-based analytics, access transactions, system status reports, operator or visitor actions, time and date, environmental conditions, power status, etc..

CathexisVision allows forward-thinking integrators and consultants to create bespoke value-added solutions for end users seeking an enhanced return on investment. As the functionality is built in to the VMS, many do so while also ensuring the systems are competitive in terms of total cost of ownership.


Ski Dubai

One example of how the flexibility of CathexisVision can add value is the solution provided to Ski Dubai, located in the Mall of the Emirates in UAE. Ski Dubai is an indoor ski resort offering skiing, sledding and tobogganing, climb towers, rides, a penguin experience, restaurants and retail options. Temperatures are held at a constant -4°C.

The requirement was for a fully integrated VMS system that would support a combination of nearly 300 cameras, with the capability to be upgraded to support more than 400 devices in the future.

The user required support for IP-enabled and legacy analogue cameras. There was also a need for smart video analytics, extending to additionally offer advanced video search. To ensure continuity of service, failover protection was needed. Because the site required flexibility and scalability, other important features included central alarm management and the ability to integrate third party solutions.

The management team at Ski Dubai had specific requirements, both for the short- and the long-term goals for the solution. It wanted a cost-effective solution with improved functionality and the capacity to allow future integrations with third-party systems such as access control, fire detection and point-of-sale systems in retail spaces.

Another requirement was centralised recording via multiple servers, including failover servers, monitoring by a central control room with operator management and multiple server video walls. It was also important the VMS was open platform as the site needed to support cameras which operate reliably in the cold environment.

CathexisVision provided an extensive range of surveillance options, along with tools and features to meet the site’s security and infrastructure management requirements. The VMS seamlessly supported new and legacy devices at the application while delivering the capacity for the site to expand its solution, all while enjoying a more cost-effective licensing structure.

Performance benefits included accurate high-speed suspect tracking using the CathexisVision Adjacent Camera Mapping feature. This enables system operators to easily follow suspects and persons of interest across multiple cameras at the click of a button.

The Advanced Video Search feature enabled control room operators to quickly locate and review recorded footage, and the Snap Search tool was ideal for high activity areas as it uses thumbnail images to pinpoint the time of incidents. Finally, the Motion Search Feature is used to automatically find footage associated with motion in operator-defined areas.

CathexisVision allows for third-party integrations, meeting the user’s need to add access control, fire detection and point-of-sale support in the future.

To provide Ski Dubai’s management team with complete peace of mind, CathexisVision includes failover redundancy.

A smarter solution

As demands for technology-based solutions which deliver added value grow, so the VMS sector is expanding in terms of features and functions. By providing added value, modern VMS like CathexisVision can offer high level security and business management benefits.

CathexisVision’s integration capabilities, reliability, flexibility and longevity through continual upgrades have made it an ideal solution for varied environments, providing real value across business operations, as well as a tangible return on investment.


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