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Reduce false alarms and increase security

by Benchmark

A large shopping centre, with millions of visitors a year, experienced problems with burglars entering from the façade and roofs. In addition, birds moving within monitored areas triggered many false alarms. The shopping centre also had problems with people climbing up its façade ‘for fun’, and management therefore wanted to improve the surveillance of the building’s outer walls.

The unwelcome façade climbers and false alarms meant that the shopping centre needed the means to detect events vertically along the frontage. At the same time, it did not want alarms triggered when people walked past the building.

System integrator InSupport Network Video, specialising in digital network video solutions, installed an IP-based radar solution using the AXIS D2050-VE network radar detector. The radar complemented the existing surveillance solution that included Axis security cameras and perimeter protection with video analysis from Digital Barriers Safe Zone and AXIS Perimeter Defender.

The radar measures the actual object in the area under surveillance, logging an exact position as well as the velocity and direction of the object, compared to video analysis that measures this via the image from a camera. Other advantages of radar for façade surveillance include specifying alarm limits at a certain height above street level, accurately down to one centimetre. A limit of three metres above ground level, for example, means that people can move freely below the detection zone. Radar is also tamper-resistant.

When the radar detects an object, the cameras connected to the security solution start recording images from the area where the alarm was triggered.

Easy and convenient installation

Like other technologies from Axis, the AXIS D2050-VE Network Radar Detector is based on an open platform and easy to integrate with a customer’s existing IT systems. An example of how Axis cooperates with its partners to find solutions is the wall bracket for the AXIS D2050-VE. InSupport notified Axis about the need for a wall bracket that allows the radar to be angled to detect vertically along a building’s wall. InSupport, with help from Axis, developed an existing wall bracket and has adapted this to work with the radar to satisfy the customer’s needs.

Major cost savings

Intruders and false alarms at the site are now largely non-existent. Cost savings have been realised by reducing security personnel call-outs. Ensuring ongoing service and maintenance also resulted in major savings.

AXIS D2050-VE network radar detector

The AXIS D2050-VE detector has a 120 degree horizontal coverage, with a range up to 50 metres. The advanced radar technology uses intelligent algorithms and is a good complement to video surveillance.

The AXIS D2050-VE detects motion and is not sensitive to movement that often triggers false alarms such as birds, bushes and shadows. The user can access data such as angle, size and velocity of the moving object, as well as exact distances.

With AXIS Radar Auto-tracking for PTZ cameras installed, visual verification of an alarm is enabled and allows the operator to follow a moving object located in the detection zone.

The detector is fully integrated with AXIS Camera Station, and video management systems from Axis partners. Since it is based on an open platform, it is also easy to integrate with a customer’s existing IT systems.

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