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Reducing Nuisance Alarms

by Benchmark

In the world of accurate and dependable security solutions, users must be able to rely on their systems to deliver timely interventions should an incident occur. To achieve this, accurate performance is key. However, it is equally critical that security installers can select an appropriate device for any given application, and be assured it will perform as expected in that environment.

The growth of smart solutions in a wide range of environments means that today’s devices face new challenges as customers look to deploy intruder detection in a wider range of sites. Rather than taking legacy sensors and adapting them for new and emerging markets, Texecom decided to design its Capture range from the ground up to meet these challenges.

Capture detectors feature encapsulated electronics. This shields the sensitive components from damage and numerous false alarm sources. For example, the units are immune to static-based damage as the encapsulated module prevents accidental touching of the PCB during installation. It also restricts ingress of moisture, dust and insects. The sensors are also protected against vibrations.

Other features include Digital Temperature Compensation to adjust performance based upon the temperature of the protected area, Selectable Sensitivity to meet the requirements of specific locations, Automatic Sensitivity Adjustment to filter out background anomalies, Active White Light Rejection to eliminate nuisance activations due to innocuous light sources, and Anti-Jarring to prevent electrical signals being created after an impact to the sensor.

To ensure longevity, all Capture detectors from Texecom carry a lifetime warranty.


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