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Retail & IVA: Adding Business Intelligence

by Benchmark

The breadth of opportunities offered by video analytics extends beyond security, including aspects such as business intelligence. This enables users to leverage data gathered by their video investments and use it to gain business efficiencies for a range of non-security tasks. Business intelligence adds to the overall value of a video solution and delivers a tangible return on investment.

Hanwha Techwin offers a business intelligence application which enables retailers to gain a greater understanding of customer behaviour and buying patterns. Wisenet Retail Insight utilises people counting, heat mapping and queue management applications running on board selected Wisenet Q and X cameras to display statistical analytics via a centralised dashboard, along with other practical information such as weather reports.

Accessed from anywhere on the network, Retail Insight is a web based application which consolidates the data captured by analytics applications running on up to 500 cameras and presents it on a customisable dashboard.

Retailers are able to take advantage of the captured data to measure the impact of advertising, on-line promotions and other marketing activities on the number of people who enter their stores, as well as making best use of human resources in order to manage the peaks and troughs of customer flow at checkouts.

With revenues and profitability under threat, retailers are seeking ways to improve productivity. Business intelligence is available to operations, marketing, merchandising and store management departments, to increase productivity or improve the customer experience.

Retail Insight generates reports in a variety of formats including PDF, Excel, CSV or HTML. Via five customisable tabbed screens, users are able to view real-time updates on a wide range of activities, including the number of store visitors for any particular time or accumulatively over a specified period, as well as data on queue congestion times and heat mapping information showing the busiest areas of a store.



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