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Secure Logiq partners up with Ivideon

by Geny Caloisi
With over 12 years of experience, Ivideon has become a rapidly growing provider of cloud video surveillance and analytics, serving more than 5 million users in over 120 countries. Recently, Ivideon introduced Ivideon Node, a local extension of Ivideon Cloud, and Ivideon Smart Bridge, designed for on-premises solutions.

Ivideon Node supports up to 300 cameras per server, facilitating seamless integration into hybrid networks and ensuring high fault tolerance of local storage while capitalising on the benefits of cloud surveillance. Ivideon Smart Bridge enhances this synergy with AI-powered capabilities such as Face Recognition, Visitor Counters, Footfall Traffic Analysis, ANPR, Fire & Smoke Detection, and Access Control Systems.

The partnership’s key features include rapid scalability, seamless integration via API & SDK, and advanced analytics and reporting tools. These solutions enable effortless upgrades, allowing existing CCTV setups to transition seamlessly to cloud integration without camera replacement.

Hayley Joseph, Markets & Channel Manager at Secure Logiq said, “This collaboration allows us to deliver the best of both worlds—high-performance on-premises servers alongside advanced cloud-based solutions.”

“With a truly hybrid solution catering to diverse needs, we anticipate this partnership to deliver reliability, intelligence and scalability to our clients,” noted Iliya Ilchishin, Head of International Sales of Ivideon. “We’re eager to see what the future holds with Secure Logiq.”

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