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Service-Based Solutions Runner-Up: BRIVO

by Benchmark

Brivo Onair is a cloud-based access control solution which had been designed to be automated, enabling users to enjoy the benefits on offer without a need for deep-level system management. A unified security platform, it can manage every aspect of access control, whether the needs be simple or complex.

The software can link with a range of devices including door readers, smart readers, wireless locks, visitor door entry devices, visitor management, remote site cellular controllers and video cameras. It delivers security for single and multi-site applications.

The system is fully scalable, allowing future needs to be net, but remains cost-effective due to its modular approach. Users can add and delete users, manage user groups, manage credentials and control doors via any network connected device capable of using a browser interface. Notifications of events can be delivered via email or SMS.

Video clips can be linked with access control transactions and are viewed via the GUI. Event logs, reports and compliance data can be shared across the network, adding value for end users. All can be customised to suit individual needs.

Onair is an open platform system, so additional data sources can be linked to add value, and the system is also designed with cybersecurity in mind.


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