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Site Protection (Hardware): Axis – AXIS D2050-VE

by Benchmark

Benchmark Innovation Awards 2018 Site Protection (Hardware) Winner: Axis – AXIS D2050-VE

The AXIS D2050-VE is a network-connected radar detector which provides reliable and accurate detection. The radar element senses approaching people and vehicles at a protected premises and provides fast and effective intrusion notifications. As the sensor is radar-based, it will be operational regardless of environmental and weather conditions. It also provides around the clock protection and can be linked with PTZ-enabled cameras to deliver accurate tracking of suspects.

The detector can provide horizontal detection coverage over a 120 degree field of view, with a maximum sensing range of 50 metres. Thanks to the use of radar technology the AXIS D2050-VE can provide exact information about the real-time position of an object, allowing systems to utilise data such as the angle of movement and velocity of a target.

The AXIS D2050-VE can be deployed as a complementary device within a video surveillance system. When integrated with video applications, it enables alarm filtering based upon distance and customisable detection zones. This ensures that nuisance activations are kept to a minimum. The sensor also enables AXIS Radar Autotracking for PTZ cameras.

Radar technology offers a good complementary technology to video surveillance in a wide range of applications. It offers additional alarm verification where cameras with video motion detection and intelligent video analytics are deployed, effectively allowing the implementation of a ‘double knock’ scenario.

As already mentioned, radar detectors can be used to track moving objects with PTZ cameras.

Radar-based sensors also allow for wider areas to be covered. This can be preferable to other perimeter protection options such as thermal imagers which are often optimised for long distance perimeter detection.

Developed primarily for medium-sized industrial installations, the AXIS D2050-VE can easily be integrated with Axis cameras and video management systems (VMS), in addition to surveillance systems and VMS software from other leading professional vendors.

Suitable for outdoor use, with a longer range than passive infrared sensors (PIRs) the AXIS D2050-VE provides real-time data about genuine intrusions while aldo minimising the number of nuisance alarms triggered by spiders, small animals, moving shadows and light reflections.

The flexibility of integrations means that the sensor can be configured to trigger video recordings (both at the edge or at a central server), activate an audio device, switch lighting for a deterrent effect or to provide improved visibility on adjacent cameras, automate other devices such as gates and barriers. etc..

Alternatively, the network-connected radar detector can be used as a standalone product. Because it uses an open interface, this adds benefits for integrators and installers as it allows for straightforward management and maintenance.

The task of adding proven radar-based technology to an existing or new surveillance system is now simple and fast.

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