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SMC extends monitoring services with CriticalArc’s SafeZone technology

by Geny Caloisi

CriticalArc and Security Monitoring Centres (SMC) have partnered to offer systems integrators and their customers new options for staff protection, communications, engagement, and wellbeing.

With the addition of CriticalArc’s advanced SafeZone capabilities, SMC can extend its 24/7/365 SIA-NSI accredited monitoring services. Organisations can easily connect with their people wherever they work, whether based remotely, working alone in the community, travelling for business, or onsite. 

In addition to traditional lone worker protection, SMC customers can upgrade to advanced, real-time response and team coordination, vehicle tracking, tip reporting, wellbeing tools, mass and targeted communications, and emergency management. 

SMC is one of the UK’s longest-established fully accredited monitoring service providers, with highly trained teams providing reassurance to customers 24/7/365 through its network of alarm receiving centres (ARC’s)

With SafeZone technology, SMC’s systems integrator partners will be able to provide customers with faster and more targeted responses to emergency situations without having to depend on proprietary hardware. Staff can use a check-in timer and fall detection when working in high-risk environments and can access routine help 24/7 via their smartphones and wearables. 

“Building on our trusted 24/7 monitoring services, we are delighted that our business partners can now offer customers ‘Safety Everywhere’ protection thanks to SafeZone technology,” says Colin Walters at SMC. “Our customers are looking for new ways to build more supportive workplace cultures while meeting their duty of care to all their people. CriticalArc’s SafeZone is a transformative solution that lets them achieve this regardless of geography.”

Darren Chalmers-Stevens, Chief Operating Officer, CriticalArc, said the partnership would benefit SMC’s systems integrator partners and their end-user customers and deliver enhanced safety for thousands of employees in the workplace, as well as for staff working remotely or travelling:

“SafeZone, now available through SMC monitoring, gives UK organisations outsourced monitoring and response services with greater capabilities than ever before.”


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