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Sprinx Technologies & Hanwha Techwin AID App

by Benchmark

The detection of traffic flow violations and other incidents is of value for a number of applications. Delivery of such a solution has been enhanced as Sprinx Technologies’ Automatic Incident Detection and Traffic Data Collection (AID) application can be run on-board all Hanwha Techwin Wisenet X H.265 open platform cameras.

What is it?

AID (Automatic Incident Detection and Traffic Data Collection) is an edge application designed to collect data about traffic flow and to detect violations such as stopped vehicles, vehicles travelling in a prohibited direction, pedestrian traffic and queues. It can also provide useful data such as vehicle counting, flow density, average speed of flow, smoke detection or low visibility, etc..

Offering multi-lane monitoring, the AID application can send alarm alerts via a wide range of hardware and software options, or can create and deliver reports to allow management assessments to be made.

Traffic statistics can be viewed using filters which allow lane-by-lane analysis, and vehicle classifications can be used to identify motorcycles, cars, trucks, etc..

The AID application can now be embedded and run from any Hanwha Techwin WiseNet X camera, allowing edge-based implementation in a variety of applications.

Why WiseNet X?

The WiseNet X series of cameras from Hanwha Techwin incorporate a number of features which make the devices ideally suited to the challenges of traffic monitoring. These can include harsh lighting, motion blur and image noise.

The WiseNet X series features 150dB WDR. This makes use of four frames of video to create a more balanced image without blurring or smearing. Advanced lens technology enables the capture of sharp and accurate colour images in low-light environments without IR LED illumination.

The XNB-8000 and XNB-6000 models are also equipped with gyro sensors. These provide more accurate image stabilisation which is essential in traffic-monitoring applications to compensate for wind and vibrations.

Security and intelligence

It is important not to simply classify the AID application as something for the Department of Transport! By adding the application to individual WiseNet X edge devices, the benefits can be realised in smaller applications such as industrial estates, goods depots and even transportation sites.

As well as detecting violations, the application can be used to help manage the movement of vehicles around a site in a safe and efficient manner.

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