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Takex PB-60TX: Where Cutting-Edge Security Meets Eco-Friendly Ingenuity

by Geny Caloisi

The Takex PB-60TX blends innovation, reliability, and sustainability. Its redesigned features, versatile application options, precision detection, and commitment to energy efficiency make it a standout candidate for the Benchmark Innovation Awards 2024 in the Alarm/Detection category.

The PB-60TX has undergone significant redesigns to improve its performance and user experience. Notably, it boasts a 53% reduction in energy consumption, aligning with contemporary demands for sustainable security solutions. Its new slim and compact design ensures it can be discreetly installed in various environments without compromising aesthetic values.
One of the standout features of the PB-60TX is the advanced sound check function, which simplifies the alignment process. The detector emits a beep as the beams align, transitioning to a higher-pitched whistle as alignment improves. This auditory feedback eliminates guesswork and the need for special tools, making installation straightforward and precise. Additionally, the new drip-proof housing with sealing grommets provides robust protection against weather conditions and insect intrusion, enhancing the detector’s durability and reliability.

Versatility for Diverse Environments

With its adaptable features, the PB-60TX is suited to a variety of environments. It offers selectable beam power settings, allowing users to switch between 30m and 60m ranges with ease. This flexibility is akin to having two detectors in one, making it suitable for both small—and large-scale applications.

With an increased IP rating of 55, the PB-60TX is highly resistant to water and dust. Adding insect-repellent bushing, customisable to the exact size of the alarm cable, ensures that both water and insects are kept at bay, even at the cable entry point. The adjustable optical heads, offering ±95° horizontal and ±10° vertical adjustment, further enhance installation flexibility. Optional anti-bird spikes can be added to prevent bird interference, making the PB-60TX ideal for residential and commercial installations.

The dual synchronised high-power beams of the PB-60TX create a precise detection line, acting as an invisible tripwire between two points. This twin-beam configuration significantly reduces false alarms by requiring both beams to be interrupted simultaneously. This feature is particularly beneficial in exposed environments where detection accuracy is paramount.

Resilience with Double Modulation and Selectable Beam Channels

Takex has incorporated double modulation technology into the PB-60TX, addressing the challenge of external light interference. The PB-60TX can effectively filter out external light frequencies, such as direct and reflected sunlight or vehicle headlights, by encoding a signature within the beam signal. This enhanced rejection of unwanted light sources ensures reliable performance even in challenging outdoor settings.

The PB-60TX offers four selectable beam channels to prevent interference in installations with multiple units. Users can easily switch between channels by tuning the beam modulation to distinct frequency presets, ensuring that each beam unit operates independently without crosstalk or interference. This feature is handy in linear or stacked configurations, maintaining precise and reliable performance.

Beyond traditional security applications, the PB-60TX’s real-time alarm output mode can be utilised for non-security purposes, such as people counting. This feature provides valuable data for monitoring foot traffic in public spaces, showcasing the detector’s versatility and utility beyond standard security functions.

Commitment to Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

At a time when sustainability is crucial, the PB-60TX sets a new standard for energy-efficient security solutions. Its 53% reduction in energy consumption compared to predecessors translates to significant cost savings and underscores Takex’s commitment to minimising environmental impact without compromising performance.

The Takex PB-60TX is innovative, reliable, and sustainable. Among its features are its versatile application options, precision detection, and commitment to energy efficiency, making it a standout candidate in the Alarm/Detection category for the Benchmark Innovation Awards 2024. With the PB-60TX, Takex has demonstrated its commitment to advancing security technology.

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