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Texecom Connect V1 to be discontinued

by Geny Caloisi

Anyone using Texecom Connect should make sure they are downloading the V2, as Texecom Connect V1 will no longer be available to download for new installations from 14/09/21.

However, Texecom Connect V1 will continue to be supported for existing users. There is no need to migrate existing Texecom Connect V1 users at this time. Installers can upgrade existing V1 users to Texecom Connect V2 and add to a Texecom Cloud account at their convenience.

The new Texecom Connect app version, V2, is available for iOS and Android devices. Featuring the same intuitive user interface, Texecom Connect V2 allows professional installers to manage their portfolio of app users directly from their Texecom Cloud account.

V2 allows installers to add new users, migrate existing Texecom Connect users, manage your portfolio. With a free Texecom Cloud membership tier and a free Texecom Connect app management contract, Texecom Connect V2 remains completely free of charge.

Texecom Connect V2 requires installers to have an active Texecom Cloud free account. You can sign up here

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