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Texecom Impaq S Series

by Benchmark

Shock sensors represent a valuable tool in intrusion detection systems. The Impaq S Series takes shock detection to a new level.

Shock sensors represent a valuable tool in intrusion detection systems. Most alarm-based solutions can be split into two parts: protection of the interior and protection of the perimeter. While many consider the perimeter as the very border of a protected space, the perimeter of buildings is a vital consideration in dealing with detection.

Shock sensors can detect the initial attempt to break through or force open a door or window, and are ideal for locations likely to be targeted for attack, such as ground-level doors, windows on flat roofs, skylights, etc.. Most shock sensors can also include a contact detector, so it’s always best to use combined units on vulnerable doors and windows.

To meet the demand for compliant and accurate shock sensors, Texecom offers the new Impaq S Series devices. Designed to take perimeter protection to the next level, the detectors incorporate VIBER accelerometer technology to offer standards-compliant intruder detection without compromise.

The shock sensors are designed to detect and analyse a forcible shock and provide early warning of attempted intrusions before a break-in occurs, ensuring the safety of people and property. Catch performance is high, and the adjustable sensitivity makes the device ideal for a range of applications.

In order to ensure shock sensors deployed as part of security systems are accurate, reliable and effective, a new standard has been created which dictates the performance of shock detectors in graded alarm systems. It is vital that integrators offering systems which require a police first response or adherence to the standards use sensors which meet the new regulations.

The EN50131-2-8 European Standard for vibration detectors mandates stringent performance criteria across a wide range of surface materials. As building practices evolve, so the importance for sensors to work across a wide range of substrates becomes increasingly important.

Because shock sensors will be used on a wide range of materials such as glazed windows, wood, metal and concrete, it is essential the right level of sensitivity can be selected. The new standard covers this and ensures that compliant shock sensors are capable of delivering the right level of protection. The Impaq S Series exceeds these requirements and has been independently certified to EN50131-2-8 Grade 2.

The range includes the Impaq S shock sensor, the Impaq SC shock and contact sensor, and the Impaq SC-W wireless shock and contact sensor which makes use of Texecom’s award-winning Ricochet wireless mesh technology.

With five digital sensitivity settings, the Impaq S Series is available in white, brown and anthracite grey finishes. The detectors can also be mounted on concrete. With the Impaq SC and SC-W models, the Contact magnet can be installed on either side of the device, increasing location flexibility.

The Impaq S Series incorporate VIBER accelerometer technology to provide a high level of accuracy. Sensors are sensitive to sub-surface shock transmissions and immune to high frequency noise, delivering unparalleled catch performance.


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