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Texecom launches Premier Elite V6 and SmartCom V4 Firmware

by Geny Caloisi
Texecom announced the release of the Premier Elite V6 firmware and SmartCom V4 firmware. These versions will be in products manufactured on or after the 22nd February. Updates will be available via the Texecom Cloud service from the same date for remote upgrade of existing systems.

These firmware updates simplify the setup process of SmartCom communicators, and prepare for the upcoming release of Texecom Monitor, our new integrated primary alarm signalling service, due to be released to the UK market at the start of April 2022.

Premier Elite systems now include a new communications menu item – ‘Monitor Mode’.

Monitor Mode simplifies the SmartCom communicator setup process. Monitor Mode can be used to setup a SmartCom for:

  • Texecom Connect – end user app
  • Texecom Cloud – remote management and maintenance
  • Texecom Monitor – new primary alarm signalling service (once available)

On entering the UDL/Digi Options menu – ‘Monitor Mode’ is the first option. Pressing 0 or down arrow will move to the next menu option. All the other indexes are the same as previous software versions.

Monitor Mode is only available on Premier Elite V6 control panels using SmartCom communicators running V4 firmware.

Details on how to upgrade are available here.

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