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Texecom Premier Elite Wireless kits

by Benchmark

Texecom’s Premier Elite Wireless kits have been nominated for an Benchmark Innovation Award. Representing the most advanced electronic security solutions Texecom has to offer, Premier Elite Wireless kits are designed to protect high value installations where design flexibility, product performance and integrated solutions are a priority.

The kits integrate with Texecom Connect, allowing users to take direct control over their property and its security. Texecom Connect is a portal for controlling and automating a site. The kits use Ricochet mesh technology, so the size, scalability and range of the entire system are extended. Texecom Connect and Ricochet are both previous winners of Benchmark Innovation Awards.

For end-users, Premier Elite Wireless kits are very easy to use, with many upgrade features. For installers, they provide an opportunity to offer their customers much more than a security system and help to defeat the ‘grudge purchase’.

‘We’re absolutely delighted to have been shortlisted for the Benchmark Innovation Awards,’ commented Texecom’s Marketing Directo, Clym Brown. ‘The company has invested a great deal into R&D to develop the best, most relevant technology for our commercial and residential customers. We’re pleased to be spearheading wireless security technology with our Premier Elite Wireless kits, incorporating Texecom Connect and Ricochet.’

Benefits of Texecom Connect

Texecom Connect uses an app, a SmartCom smart communicator, SmartPlugs and an API to deliver increased flexibility. There’s also a range of Ricochet-enabled accessories. It changes a basic security system into a home automation system that homeowners will actually want to use. It overcomes the perennial issue of the ‘grudge purchase’: domestic users buying a security system because they feel they have to but often never actually using it.

Some of the elements of Texecom Connect include keypads and access control, motion detectors and perimeter protection, external sounders, CO and smoke detectors.

The blue-backlit LCD keypads excel in any surroundings. With stunning looks and features to match, they offer the very best in keypad design and are ideal for luxury homes and high value premises.

The Premier External TD-W wireless outdoor security motion sensor is coupled with the Premier Elite 5Ci-W internal wireless sounder, delivering robust wireless connectivity and superb sounder performance.

The Premier Elite Odyssey sounders combine high output audible and visual alarm signalling with EN Grade 3 level diagnostics and fault monitoring. Designed for high-risk applications, these sounders are available in a variety of shapes.

Texecom’s wireless CO and smoke detectors have built-in sounders, providing standalone notification, while connectivity to Premier Elite control panels provides system-wide alarms and remote communication.

Ricochet mesh network technology

Ricochet-enabled wireless devices operate by receiving and repeating wireless transmissions from other devices, with the size, scalability and range of the entire system extended as wireless signalling is no longer limited by point-to-point communications. The range of a Ricochet-enabled wireless system is greater than previous systems, with multiple devices capable of relaying messages to and from the most remote locations in a building.

Ricochet has many applications, both commercial and residential. In commercial environments, the mesh architecture increases coverage, while its self-healing properties provide the most reliable communication pathway available. Hundreds of devices can be accommodated, with each device acting as a repeater and delivering remote diagnostics in real-time.

Ricochet now also brings commercial-grade wireless signalling to residential applications. Simple to set-up and quick to install, Ricochet automatically creates a mesh network with sophisticated signal encryption.

Installers may think Ricochet sounds complicated but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Installation is as simple as most radio-based systems, but includes a valuable tool that allows a visual assessment of the system’s performance.

Adding expanders, if required, is a simple task, and ‘learning’ the devices to the system is also very easy. The engineer only needs to enter the mode to add devices, assign a zone, press the ‘Learn’ button or short the ‘Learn’ pins and insert the device battery. The panel will confirm the process.

Benefits of wireless

Wireless security systems have become mainstream in residential installations due to the quality of wireless communication components. With point-to-point wireless systems becoming reliable, robust, bi-directional and with increased range, most residential systems can be covered with ease.

In commercial systems, wireless security is much less commonplace. A limited number of suitable devices are available and in many cases the reliance on point-to-point wireless communications introduces an unacceptable risk.

However, with increasing advancements in wireless communication technologies and the proliferation of wireless device types and solutions available, commercial grade wireless systems are becoming difficult to ignore as an installation option. The advantages of using wireless products are as relevant to the commercial sector as they are to residential applications, and wireless limitations are diminishing as technologies continue to advance.

Texecom’s Premier Elite Wireless Kits are the perfect platform to provide additional value added services. Defeat the grudge purchase by offering building automation, perimeter protection personal safety and keypad upgrades.