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Texecom: Texecom Connect

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Texecom Connect opens a new world of possibilities for Texecom security systems. For too long, security systems have been separated and isolated from the outside world – only providing information when the worst happens, confusing and intimidating the very people who use them and lacking connectivity and compatibility with external systems that could benefit from the intelligence and information contained within.

Texecom’s extensive end-user research has clearly indicated a gap between what end users want and what security systems currently deliver. Today, security and ‘peace of mind’ are the two main qualities that end users are seeking, but once a system is put in place a large majority of end users simply do not using their security system. Despite the average costs of burglary in the UK estimated to be £2,525 in damaged and stolen items, only 33 per cent of people with a security system turn it on and 83 per cent of consumers have difficulty using their intelligent devices.

Texecom Connect App

Available mid-2017, the Texecom Connect App completely transforms the end user experience. The Texecom Connect App provides an environment where end users actively want to interact with their home and enjoy the new possibilities that are open to them; it also delivers the peace of mind that comes with knowledge and control.

Texecom Connect uses technology to make people’s lives easier, not more complex. The Texecom Connect App has been carefully designed to allow end users access to an array of custom features, to tailor their app experience for their own personal and particular needs, without resorting to complicated programming.

The Timeline

Central to the Texecom Connect App experience is the initial site timeline. This ‘at a glance’ timeline allows users to manage their connected security system in any way they want. Some users may choose to manage by exception and only be notified and interact when changes or events occur that differ from what they expect. Others may want to actively manage their property and make regular changes to the alarm and home automation functions. Whatever they choose, it is all made possible from a clear and unambiguous status screen.


Devices connected to the system can be used to create home automation effects. Devices can be security alarm components or home automation products, and in the future web-based alerts such as weather predictions, daylight hours, etc., can be used.

Security alarm devices can be used for home automation without affecting the integrity of the security alarm system itself. With Texecom Connect, security is paramount, and the app has been designed to ensure that end users cannot inadvertently affect the operation of their security system.


Recipes are a user-friendly way of describing the programming actions that are used for automation. The Texecom Connect App is programmed on the basis of ‘cause and effect’.

Example recipes include, ‘when I enter through my front door and it is dark outside, turn on my hall light’ or ‘when someone is detected at my front door, send a notification message to my phone’.

A range of recipes can be grouped into system modes, so certain recipes only take place depending on the mode of the system (in the examples above, you might want to have the app message when someone is at your front door to occur in modes when you are away from the premises).


This is the basic method of operating the home security and automation system through the Texecom Connect App, providing pre-set and custom system profiles with ‘at a glance’ system control.

A mode is a state of which a home owner would set their home: holiday mode, bed time mode, day mode, etc.. This is a key ‘short cut’ that the end user can use to put their premises into a known state depending on how they want to use the system. For example, in ‘breakfast mode’, we might expect the system to be disarmed, kitchen power sockets on and kitchen lights turned on if it is dark outside.

For more information visit the Texecom website.

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