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Texecom’s Midnight Black Collection is now available

by Geny Caloisi
Texecom has launched its Midnight Black Collection, which provides businesses and sites with a security solution that is both contemporary and discreet, as well as enhancing the surrounding surroundings of the business or site. It has been designed to work in harmony with darker décor as well as work in harmony with darker environments.

Texecom’s Midnight Black Collection includes the complete range of Capture Grade 2 motion detectors, Premier Elite LCDLP / LDLCP-W keypads, Impaq S / SC/ SC-W and Micro Contact-W / Micro Shock-W perimeter detectors.

Texecom Midnight Black Collection includes:

  • Capture – is a high-performing, reliable, easy-to-install range of detectors that have now been remastered.

  • Wired and Wireless Keypads with intuitive operation, ergonomic design and backlit keys, the large blue LCD menu system is simple to use and can include proximity tags for additional ease in arming and disarming.

  • Impaq S Series – The Impaq S Series of perimeter protection solution provides a step change in shock detection performance with VIBER™ Accelerometer Technology for outstanding intruder detection.

  • The Micro Contact-W provides unobtrusive, discreet security.

  • The Micro Shock-W is designed to detect and analyse a forcible shock and provide early warning of an attempted intrusion before a break-in occurs, ensuring the safety of people and property inside.

    The Midnight Collection is a powerful combination of simplicity, intelligence, and strength.

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