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Theia’s Calibrated Motorised Lenses get award

by Geny Caloisi
Theia Technologies’ was awarded by Security Today a product of the year for its Calibrated Motorized Lenses for Remote Image Optimization, which provides a rich array of analysis data for video surveillance agents. Using calibrated data, users can optimise image quality in real time without needing expensive and difficult field calibration fixtures, making it ideal for security applications and video surveillance.

“Theia is gratified to be recognised again for our leadership in imaging technology and contribution to enhancing video surveillance performance. As the importance of image processing grows for 21st-century applications, Theia is proud to set the pace in optics for the security industry.,” said Jeff Gohman, president of Theia Technologies.

The lens’ motorised focus, focal length, and aperture allow the installer to remotely control the lens to optimise the image at any time. With the addition of the calibration data, such as distortion and focal length v. motor step curves, the field of view can be calculated and the lens set to provide the best image detail for the application.

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