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UK Conformity Assessed stamp needed for fire protection products

by Geny Caloisi

From January 1st 2023, the “UKCA Mark” will be necessary for all products which so far required a CE certificate for being sold in England, Scotland and Wales – this is one of the consequences of Brexit. Only institutes that are UK-based can issue this “UK Conformity Assessed” mark. VdS now also offers this service in cooperation with its partners BRE and UL.

“We coordinate the entire process for manufacturers on a one-stop basis. Effort and costs as well as time-to-market are significantly minimised if we already carried out VdS and CE tests on the products. Then the assessment is easily done based on our existing test reports”, emphasises Gunnar Bellingen, head of the VdS laboratories for fire protection technology. “Our key objective is providing VdS partners with all relevant services and making all required certification processes as simple and fast as possible.”

UKCA Marking is highly similar to the CE process in terms of requirements and procedure. For most fire protection products, confirmation of conformity by a notified institute is required.

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