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Unseenlabs expands satellite radio frequency security solutions

by Geny Caloisi
Unseenlabs, a pioneer in radio frequency (RF) intelligence from space, is set to redefine international surveillance standards with its unique satellite constellation, slated for launch in 2026. This constellation, unlike any other, is designed to provide unprecedented surveillance capabilities, marking a significant advancement in global security and compliance.

Headquartered in France, Unseenlabs was established in 2015 by a group of entrepreneurs. Since 2019, the company has operated a satellite constellation expressly engineered for maritime surveillance. This constellation has revolutionised maritime activities’ detection, tracking, and characterisation, harnessing a fleet of thirteen nanosatellites, with an additional four units scheduled for launch in 2024. These satellites have played a pivotal role in furnishing critical intelligence to combat illegal fishing, piracy, and other maritime threats, effectively covering expansive sea territories.

Unseenlabs is now broadening its surveillance capacities to encompass terrestrial and space environments alongside maritime operations with its forthcoming constellation. This new fleet, comprising advanced 150-kilogram satellites, is tailored to monitor a broader spectrum of emissions across all domains, augmenting global security and compliance capabilities.

Reflecting on this expansion, Clément Galic, CEO & Cofounder of Unseenlabs, remarked: “The introduction of our next-generation satellite constellation marks a pivotal juncture in our trajectory. This expansion into terrestrial and space surveillance embodies our dedication to pioneering comprehensive global monitoring solutions. We are not merely extending our reach; we are establishing new benchmarks for the industry.”

Unseenlabs’ distinctive and patented RF monosatellite technology sets it apart from conventional tri-satellite systems employed by competitors. Its innovative approach enables a single satellite to conduct RF intelligence collections autonomously, offering a resilient, cost-efficient solution with substantial operational economies. This technological edge ensures persistent, global coverage and uninterrupted operation under diverse weather conditions, 24/7.

Jonathan Galic, Unseenlabs’ CTO and Cofounder, expounded on the technical strides, stating: “Our upcoming constellation will harness cutting-edge monosatellite technology to deliver unparalleled precision and adaptability across multiple domains. With this next-generation capability, we will monitor and analyze RF emissions more efficiently than ever, ensuring swift and precise intelligence delivery in near real-time conditions.”

The 2026 constellation will leverage Unseenlabs’ proven monosatellite technology, extending its surveillance scope to encompass land and space, alongside maritime. This expansion is crafted to address evolving global security imperatives, offering unprecedented coverage and detection capabilities across a plethora of multi-domain targets. On land, the constellation will monitor pivotal emissions from devices such as satphones and jammers, while simultaneously enhancing existing maritime surveillance prowess.

The efficacy of Unseenlabs’ current constellation in maritime surveillance has underscored its ability to substantially curtail illegal activities and economic losses, particularly in the fishing industry, which suffers an estimated $36 billion annually due to illicit operations. Its RF fingerprinting capability, facilitates accurate identification and tracking of vessels, furnishing vital intelligence for enforcement and conservation endeavours. Unseenlabs also caters to a diverse array of private sector stakeholders, including insurers necessitating precise intelligence for risk assessment and claim management, shipowners seeking dependable vessel tracking, and companies in the oil & gas and offshore industries in pursuit of advanced monitoring and security solutions.

With the advent of its new constellation, Unseenlabs will persist in offering unparalleled surveillance intelligence capabilities, interoperability with other Earth observation systems, and swift delivery of mission-critical intelligence with sub-kilometre accuracy. Its solutions are meticulously crafted to address both current requirements and future challenges, ensuring that Unseenlabs maintains its position as the preeminent leader in RF detection from space.




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