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Vemotion Launches Advanced Web Viewer for Live Video Streaming

by Geny Caloisi
Vemotion Interactive, a prominent UK manufacturer known for its high-performance live video streaming solutions, has launched a new Web Viewer. This innovative tool allows secure video sharing directly through web browsers without requiring specialised software or plugins.

The Vemotion Web Viewer supports seamless integration via embeddable iFrames across popular web browsers. It ensures extremely low latency, enabling real-time viewing and synchronisation of live video streams on PCs, tablets, mobile devices, and Smart TVs. This capability allows users to display single or multiple camera views, functioning like a video wall without needing a connected PC.

This technology proves invaluable across various sectors:

  • In surveillance, it offers instant access to live video for security and event management teams.
  • In industrial settings, it facilitates remote monitoring, optimizing on-site efficiency and reducing costs.
  • For business purposes such as sales presentations and webinars, it enhances real-time interaction with audiences.

Steve Haworth, CEO of Vemotion, underscores the Web Viewer’s ease of deployment and versatility in enhancing operational intelligence. The tool simplifies video distribution to remote users through secure iFrame links.

In essence, Vemotion’s Web Viewer sets a new standard in accessible, high-quality live video streaming, making it indispensable for a wide range of industries and applications.

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