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Veridos offers convenient and safe mobile ID documents​

by Geny Caloisi

VeriGO MobileID allows users to have all their important ID documents with them at all times, securely and conveniently stored on their smartphones. This modern solution enables government authorities to provide their citizens with an efficient and convenient way to digitally manage all their government documents. The ultimate aim is to enhance security for both public and private usage through streamlined digital verification processes.

Verifying one’s identity with official ID documents is essential for checking into a hotel, travelling, or renting a car. Instead of relying only on physical documents and their security features, VeriGO MobileID uses innovative technology with unique encryption processes to quickly and easily verify the authenticity of documents electronically.”

The application VeriGO MobileID allows users to store various forms of physical ID documents on their smartphone or tablet in a secure environment, without requiring an internet connection. Users have control over the private data they share, prioritising privacy and data protection.

Universal and easy to use, VeriGO MobileID is compliant with standards to ensure that documents can be verified – anytime, anywhere.

“VeriGO MobileID allows users to carry all their important personal documents directly on the device they use the most every day – their smartphone,” says Nicholas Larter, Senior Solution Manager at Veridos. “The digitalisation of proof of identity as an extension to physical documents will simplify many processes in our daily lives. With VeriGO MobileID, citizens can carry all important documents digitally and securely at all times and control what personal data they want to share with whom and when.”

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