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Vicon Valerus VMS

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Vicon recently released Valerus, it’s new VMS which is being billed as ‘advanced simplicity’, claiming that other video management systems are complex and confusing. The manufacturer has now added enhanced functionality to further expand the appeal of the software option.

What is it?

Version 1.2 of the Valerus video management system is the latest incarnation of the Vicon VMS platform. The manufacturer states that Valerus has been designed to deliver ease of installation, easy of use and a standards-based open platform philosophy.

The VMS uses standard web browsers as its user interface, ensuring familiarity along with simplicity when connecting to the system from remote locations and handheld or portable devices.

Valerus is available in three versions: Try, Core and Pro. Try is a free version which supports up to 6 devices with a limited recording retention period of 7 days. Core supports up to 35 devices and 10 concurrent users while Pro is the unlimited version of the VMS with a range of advanced features.

So, what’s new?

Vicon has added three powerful search options to help users find recorded video evidence as quickly as possible. These are thumbnail search, museum search and events framework search to provide three distinct methods for searching, depending on the nature of the query.

Thumbnail search can be used to quickly review events over a long period of time. Museum search is designed to identify specific events in a defined area of interest. Finally, events framework search is used to easily interrogate data and correlated video from integrated third party software.

Another new feature is the enhanced health dashboard. This delivers statistics and detailed graphs for every camera and NVR on the network, making it easier to assess system behaviour and diagnose problems.

The latest version of the VMS will also feature built-in dewarping and viewing controls for hemispheric 360 degree cameras, enabling users with a Valerus system to get the most out of high-resolution fisheye cameras.

Multiple view perspectives will provide the detailed coverage, and presets and pan/zoom capabilities increase the flexibility on offer.

Anything else?

Vicon has also looked at hardware support for the VMS, and with v1.2 security keypads and controllers can now connect to Valerus systems. This allows operators to call up camera views, presets and even web pages using numerical values.

Vicon has also launched Upgrade Protection Plans (UPP). Subscribers can download latest versions and new features and the system will automatically unlock the capabilities without any updates to licensing.

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