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Videcon: Concept Pro VHDIP

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In 2016 Videcon introduced the addition of  Smart Storage Compression (SSC) technology to the Concept Pro VHDIP Professional recorder range in order to maximise the on-board storage capacity where hard drive and processor load is paramount.

SSC offers an enhancement of the recording times available on the Concept Pro network video recorders.  This is through an improvement in the control of the streaming rate of the camera to the NVR. As a result, real time images can be analysed and bandwidth and video quality can be adjusted in relation to the amount of activity in the scene. SSC allows the users of VHDIP systems to achieve 30 days of constant HD1080p video recording with ease, even when frame rate is set at 6 frames per second using a 15TB 16 channel system.

SSC Bit rate control process

First, the NVR will notify the selected camera of the maximum bit rate limit based on the frames per second setting put in place by the user. The camera will then implement these settings and begin to transfer the data via the limit specified by the NVR. Through these simple steps, SSC can dramatically transform the storage capacity of hard drives and processors as mentioned previously.

The Benefits of SSC include insurance compliance, as some business insurance requires a minimum of 30 days recording. SSC can offer these 30 days of recording or even 60 days in certain cases. Additionally, retail transactional fraud can take up to 30 days to be identified and with 30 days of guaranteed recording, this is also accounted for. Finally, hardware costs are decreased due to reduced HDD storage requirements to provide a minimum of 30 days continuous recording.

Ian Farr, Technical Director of Videcon, stated, ‘SSC (Smart Store Compression) is yet another feature of our VHDIP unit, as it offers unbeaten recording times without the need to purchase additional storage devices. This is achieved through the exclusive compression of the data that is needed. Therefore, we are able to guarantee 30 or 60 days recording on our NVRs using significantly less storage space than was traditionally needed.’

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