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IPS VideoManager 3D VMS

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VideoManager 3D VMS makes use of 3D technology to deliver enhanced performance in terms of alarm and event management.

VideoManager is an open platform VMS with support for a wide range of third party devices. The VMS includes motion detection and sabotage detection, and additional IPS intelligent video analytics can be added. Designed to be intuitive, the client uses three screens: Alarms, Live and Playback.

Visualisation of sites is available via site plans, and a web-based client and mobile client are available. Other features include TimeMachine, video wall management, Active Directory support and performance monitoring.

However, the real strength of the VMS lies in its use of 3D technology, which can either be manually deployed or automated via triggers. These can include integrated IVA options or other alarms, linked through system actions.

The basis of 3D technology is powerful geo-referencing. This allows the system to be aware of the exact location of cameras and other devices, and to correlate the data with absolute positioning devices and smart system maps. It adds intelligence to the relationships between cameras, other edge devices and the graphical user interface.

There are three ways in which 3D technology can be deployed: intuitive PTZ control, manual object tracking and automated tracking across multiple devices.

With regards to PTZ control, 3D technology allows control through a mouse-click within a selected video stream, site plan, or linked camera view.

The operator can select a camera and an indication of its field of view is shown. Dragging this enables PTZ control.

A linked overview camera can be used to automatically send a PTZ camera to the relevant position.
Manual object tracking enables an operator to identify a target, and the specified dome camera will use the Dome Tracker analytic to follow it. Other moving targets in the scene do not interfere with this process, and so it offers operators a ‘hands-free’ option.

The most impressive function of 3D technology is alarm-based object tracking with handover. This responds to IVA alerts, initiating automatic control of a PTZ camera in response to an event from an overview camera. Once the feature has been triggered, the PTZ camera automatically follows the alarm object, tracking it without any need for operator intervention. When the target reaches the end of the range for the tracking camera, the 3D technology automatically hands over to an adjacent linked camera, which continues tracking.

For example, a fixed camera with object detection IVA overlooking a secure area’s gateway could detect vehicles exiting. This creates an alarm, and a linked PTZ camera would be moved to the configured preset position, tracking the vehicle without any intervention from the operator. When the vehicle reaches the end of the PTZ camera’s range, it will handover to a linked camera.

This functionality adds value for the user and makes the operator’s task simpler during critical incidents, enhancing security and delivering an intuitive experience.

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