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Videoloft adds Analytics

by Benchmark

CCTV cloud storage provider Videoloft has added a new video analytics feature to its software platform and is offering security professionals an exclusive free trial of the functionality. The video technology adds object detection and text recognition to basic video surveillance systems, converting them into intelligent ones, negating the need for expensive hardware upgrades or enterprise video management software.

The cloud-based video analytics run entirely on Videoloft’s platform. There is no need for connected cameras or recorders to have inbuilt analytics functions. All that’s required is a plug-and-play Videoloft Cloud Adapter.

Videoloft’s cloud video analytics technology identifies people, vehicles, machinery, clothing, safety equipment and wildlife. Its text recognition capabilities enables the reading of vehicle number plates, vehicle signage, clothing labels and other text.

A common complaint is how long it takes to find specific footage when reviewing recordings. Videoloft’s analytics technology makes it quicker and easier to search and analyse recorded video to pinpoint exactly what the user is looking for.

Applications are broad, from homeowners keeping an eye on deliveries to site managers who need to confirm that every construction worker is wearing a hardhat.

James West, CEO and co-founder of Videoloft, stated, ‘The security industry is quickening its cloud adoption. Cloud based platforms like Netflix and Spotify have revolutionised their respective markets by providing easy one-stop access to content. With new technologies such as Videoloft cloud analytics, the future of security being cloud-based seems inevitable.’

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