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Vigileyez: Watching Over the Future of Security with Unblinking Precision

by Geny Caloisi
Webeye’s Vigileyez, a finalist for the Benchmark Innovation Awards in the Alarm/Detection category, is a battery-powered RF video alarm system recently upgraded with a more efficient modem. Designed for mobile and permanent security applications, Vigileyez offers a user-friendly, off-the-grid alternative that ensures rapid deployment and high flexibility, empowering users to meet their diverse security needs easily.

The latest Vigileyez model incorporates a category four modem, significantly improving speed and energy efficiency. The system features an outdoor camera with an impressive 5-megapixel resolution, the highest available for battery-powered outdoor surveillance systems. For indoor security, a 1-megapixel camera ensures high-quality images. This level of image clarity is a significant improvement over similar products, with Webeye’s Hardware Director Andrew Hall noting, “Vigileyez’s image quality is 64 times better than similar cameras.”

Vigileyez is not just a security system; it’s a comprehensive solution that sets a new standard in the industry. It combines PIR and microwave technologies to deliver high-definition images while being entirely battery-operated. The built-in false alarm filtering technology reduces nuisance notifications by over 90%, minimising disruptions and enhancing reliability. With a battery life exceeding 700 days, the system is designed for long-term, maintenance-free operation. It supports 1 to 64 cameras without requiring additional hardware, providing a scalable solution tailored to various security requirements. Additionally, the system can be fully reprogrammed remotely, allowing updates and adjustments to be made swiftly and conveniently from anywhere in the world.

The Vigileyez system includes an array of RF peripheral devices, such as high-definition cameras, door and window shock sensors, keypads, badge readers, and unique input/output units. Its outdoor panel is integrated with RF 4G LTE technology, ensuring robust and reliable connectivity. Alarms and images are transmitted to WebeyeCMS via a 2G/4G network sim, utilising frequencies specific to the region.

Vigileyez’s integration with WebeyeCMS enables 24/7 monitoring and immediate alarm response. The data can be transmitted to third-party alarm platforms via WebeyeConnect in seconds, ensuring swift action. The system’s capability to deliver CCTV quality images on demand, combined with photo on demand and the maintenance of a complete audit trail, enhances its appeal for remote and control room operations.

Vigileyez demonstrates exceptional innovation in the alarm/detection category. Its superior image quality, extended battery life, advanced false alarm filtering, and comprehensive integration capabilities address the critical needs of modern security setups.

Hall concludes, “With Vigileyez, stakeholders can receive alerts and video clips directly on their smartphones thanks to the integration with webeyeCMS’ cloud alarm platform.” This level of innovation and practicality positions Vigileyez as a worthy winner of the Benchmark Innovation Awards.

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