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Vitaprotech and Foxsteam join forces

by Geny Caloisi
French security solutions group Vitaprotec is strengthening its Smart Monitoring division through the acquisition of Foxstream, a specialist in video analysis solutions.

Supported by Eurazeo since July 2018, the Vitaprotech group includes manufacturers Sorhea and Protect in intrusion detection, TIL Technologies, ARD, TDSI, and Vauban Systems in access control, and finally, PRYSM, ESI, Videowave, RECAS, and GS4 in intelligent monitoring and video.

Founded in 2004, Foxstream is a French software publisher specialising in the banking industry’s real-time video content analysis and video management systems (COSSILYS21).

The Foxstream solutions can extract, transmit, and store relevant information from video images for perimeter protection (intrusion), flow management (counting, waiting time, etc.), or video protection.

Integrable with supervision software, Foxstream solutions enable users to increase the efficiency of their video system while reducing their operating costs.

Foxstream relies on a network of about ten distributors and numerous integrators in France and abroad. In particular, it is present in large part of Europe, where it continues to develop.

In partnership with Vitaprotech, Foxstream has the resources to continue investing in innovative technological solutions that respond to the challenges and changes of the security market. This will enable it to accelerate its growth in France and internationally.

This acquisition strengthens the Vitaprotech group’s offer of unified security. In the “Smart Monitoring” division, Foxstream complements the expertise already in place at Prysm software (PSIM platform), ESI (remote monitoring), and RECAS (web video surveillance).

Jean-Baptiste Ducatez, CEO and founder of Foxstream, remains at the company’s helm in a strong relationship with its customers. He says, “I have known Vitaprotech’s Eric Thord for over ten years. I was already invited to join the group a few years ago. Eric has great ambitions and plans to make Vitaprotech a European leader in security technologies. And given how far this group has come in the last ten years, there is no doubt that it will succeed. I believe this project has seduced me, and it will be a chance for Foxstream to participate and bring its expertise in the video field.”

Eric THORD, President of Vitaprotech, concludes, “Foxstream’s expertise perfectly complements Vitaprotech’s innovative video skills and takes us one step further towards future technologies such as deep learning and the cloud.

The strength of Foxstream’s young and R&D-oriented teams is entirely in line with the group’s philosophy of innovation and excellence. Undoubtedly, they will integrate perfectly with the other development teams, which now represent over a hundred employees.”

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