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VIVOTEK and Immix Announce Platform Integration

by Geny Caloisi
IP surveillance provider VIVOTEK announced its partnership with global software automation provider, Immix, in providing back-end solutions on the Immix Platform. This new integration offers Immix customers access to VIVOTEK NVRs and presents flexible and friendly operations on video and audio management solutions.

Immix is primarily focused on video integrations and support for intrusion detection and access control systems. With the rapid advancement in network technologies and IoT, VIVOTEK NVR support is groundbreaking for the monitoring platform. It lays the foundation for accessing VIVOTEK’s industry-leading and affordable network surveillance technologies.

With the VIVOTEK integration, Immix customers can now expand their surveillance needs without breaking the bank. VIVOTEK NVRs are available in 4-, 8-, and 16-channel options with embedded PoE, requiring less hardware at each location. Moreover, the absence of license fees for pairing VIVOTEK NVRs with VIVOTEK IP cameras significantly lowers total ownership costs, putting VIVOTEK IP surveillance solutions at the fingertips of Immix platform integrators.

Immix CEO Chris Brown asserted, “Immix is pleased to integrate with VIVOTEK and add their solid product line and market presence to our partner portfolio. We look forward to working with VIVOTEK and our jointly aligned customers to offer new solutions for managed video services that will enable pathways to success.”


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