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Vivotek MS8391-EV

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The growth in demand for high resolution panoramic video has seen a rise in the number of multisensor image capture devices. These allow multiple images to be ‘stitched’ together to deliver a complete scene. VIVOTEK now offers such a device in the form of its MS8391-EV camera.

VIVOTEK has introduced a new multiple-sensor network camera, the panoramic MS8391-EV to expand its product range.
Featuring four 3 megapixel CMOS sensors to deliver a 180 degree panoramic view, the camera also features built-in IR illuminators which are claimed to be effective up to 30 metres. As a result, the MS8391-EV secures vital evidential video in a wide range of conditions. The stitched image has a resolution of 7552 x 1416 pixels, and streams are captured at a rate of 7fps.

The camera has been designed to address the needs of surveillance applications which require wide area protection such as campus environments, public transportation sites and parking lots.

Recognising the growing need for wide area surveillance, the MS8391-EV has been developed to meet the challenges of this demanding and rapidly changing field. With a design the incorporates four CMOS sensors with 3 megapixel resolution, the camera provides a detailed 180 degree panoramic view with minimal blind spots.

The multisensor approach both maximises the field of view and reduces the total number of cameras required, thereby saving on both installation time and maintenance costs.

To ensure operation in harsh and challenging conditions, the MS8391-EV features an IK10 and IP66-rated housing. Operating temperature is quoted as –50 to +60 degrees C; this ensures the device is capable of reliable and durable outdoor operation.

To assist with day/night operation, the MS8391-EV features integral IR illuminators effective up to 30 metres. The performance of these is managed by the company’s proprietary Smart IR technology. This prevents over-exposure for objects close to the camera and also provides noise reduction to instantaneously adjust the IR lighting intensity. This caters for both items in close proximity to the unit and changes of light levels in the ambient environment.

Furthermore, the MS8391-EV is equipped with 3D noise reduction and Smart Stream technology, delivering high quality images under low-light conditions while optimising the efficiency of bandwidth usage.

Installers and integrators can choose either a corner mount or pole mount fitting to ensure optimal mounting in any situation.

Other features include WDR, edge recording and two-way audio.

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