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The latest version of VIVOTEK’s video management software, VAST 2, includes several new advanced user-centred functionalities. These include the deep learning based Smart Search II technology, cybersecurity management solution, and number plate recognition integration. With the new update, users can enjoy the intuitive interface of VAST 2 while achieving a higher level of management efficiency.

Building on deep learning-enabled video content analytics, the Smart Search II feature of VAST 2 allows users to quickly search for specific objects and people in a defined region. When the people detection feature is active, only people-based activities will serve as event triggers. The security operator does not have to search through extensive streams of footage to find critical video, thus improving both efficiency and effectiveness.

Offering end-to-end cybersecurity protection, VAST 2 is fully integrated with VIVOTEK cameras and NVRs and becomes a powerful cybersecurity central management site. The protection includes instant alert notifications and the cyber risk dashboard to identify common types of cyber-attacks. Users can filter attack logs according to a range of criteria.

VAST 2 is integrated with VIVOTEK’s ANPR camera. Users can view images filtered by confidence level or black list status, with results used as a trigger source in alarm management.

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