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VMS made easy with CathexisVision

by Benchmark

Modern sophisticated VMS go far further than merely recording and playing back video. They provide the ability to make decisions based on intelligent information processing and take automated actions in the command centre environment, thereby enhancing both effectiveness and efficiency, which in turn leads to a better return on investment.

VMS has also shifted market expectations, demonstrating that surveillance is more than just a security system; it’s an operational tool that can be used for site management and business operations by delivering a number of additional benefits.

‘By using intelligent VMS software along with a good understanding of the customer’s needs, one can really tailor the solution to provide maximum effectiveness and efficiency,’ states Gus Brecher, managing director of Cathexis Africa and business development director of Cathexis Technologies.

Endless application options

CathexisVision is one of the world’s leading IP Video Management Solutions from Cathexis Technologies, boasting an extended range of features, which culminate in one of the most sophisticated and intuitive VMS software suits on the market today. The software has proven itself in many market sectors including banking, education, mining, hospitality, manufacturing, airports and many more. The CathexisVision intuitive user interface facilitates quick and easy installation that requires minimal training and downtime.

An effective VMS involves the combination of video software and server hardware, and there are some important factors to consider when selecting a VMS vendor. These include: site architecture, efficiency, camera integration, connectivity, and communication with other devices.

Sometimes end-users are intimidated by the Setup, licensing, camera setup, configuration and backup procedures, but CathexisVision has taken great strides in developing one of the most seamless user experiences.

Cathexis Technologies believes that when it comes to configuration, users should be looking at simple and intuitive user configuration with user-friendly help files.

The CathexisVision licensing is simple to install and maintain and is fully scalable and upgradeable. To make setup easier Cathexis includes the setup Wizards. These are simple online tutorials that logically guide clients through the setup process for cameras, databases, recording, analytics, events and event actions.

The ability to setup multiple cameras is made easier by having the option to copy and paste settings across multiple cameras. This includes one or more video stream settings, bitrates, resolutions and other settings. Once the duplication has been completed, all the user needs to do is give the camera a chosen name.

If there is a need to perform similar actions on camera event triggers, the CathexisVision software has the facility to create event templates which allow you to apply the same actions to multiple camera triggers, thereby speeding up event configuration. So for many cameras, only one event template needs to be configured.

CathexisVision 2018 includes Snap Search, Motion Search and Activity Trails, all of which make finding specific incidents in recorded footage extremely easy and very fast in both quiet and busy environments, improving efficiency and effectiveness.

Adjacent Camera Mapping allows operators to easily follow suspects across multiple cameras at the click of a button. The user does not need to know which camera to choose when a suspect moves out of a camera view; all he needs to do is click on an arrow depicting the direction in which the perpetrator is moving and the adjacent camera will be automatically displayed.

Advanced Video Analytics significantly boosts the value of any surveillance installation with the ability to configure analytics on both pre-recorded and live footage. In addition to its current capabilities, Cathexis has introduced some smart background modelling learning algorithms which learn the environment and dramatically reduce false alarms.

For complete user peace-of-mind, users also have access to the backup configuration and restore points. Restore points create a backup of the current software configuration, so that reverting to previous settings becomes quick and easy.

A user with admin rights can create the restore point. This stores all the configurations settings to a compressed file stored in the chosen path. Restoring a configuration is then a simple administrator process.

The CathexisVision design tools allow users to design the best solution for each application. CathexisVision 2018 now features an updated and fully integrated design tool for system hardware and licensing as well as Analytics loading on the CPU in the server selection process.

All of these features, plus many more, make CathexisVision one of the most powerful and flexible VMS platforms on the market today.

For more information, visit the Cathexis website.