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Webeye launches three new rapid-deployment video solutions

by Geny Caloisi
Webeye announced three additions to its rapid-deployment offerings, the new EZeye, webeyeGO and Webeye Verify. These are battery-powered alarm systems using webeyeCMS cloud-based alarm management software to provide almost instant visual verification.

The entry point is the new Webeye EZeye solution. This 2MP Wi-Fi camera triggers upon intrusion and sends a high-quality video clip via the webeyeCMS platform to all stakeholders. Using webeyeCMS gives users a virtual monitoring station with optional false alarm filtering, cloud storage, and system health check all in one low monthly charge.

The camera includes conventional and magnetic mounting kits and a 10W solar panel to re-charge the system. The long battery life means that it requires little maintenance and can be left on sites indefinitely.

For vulnerable or temporary sites with no available mains/AC power or internet connection, Webeye offers the new webeyeGO EZVIZ Compact.

The kit contains a weatherproof case housing a 200Ah Lithium-ion battery along with a 4G LTE Router and GPS tracker, re-charged by an efficient 50W or 100W solar panel. The system uses the EZeye 2MP battery-powered Wi-Fi cameras re-charged by a 10W solar panel.

Jason Bezuidenhout, Webeye Global sales director comments, “As time goes by, truly disruptive technology becomes harder to achieve, but we have two interesting approaches at the moment. The first is our software, we have developed a neat little conduit called WebeyeConnect, which allows our signals to be sent to and received by an existing alarm receiving platform. WebeyeGO is a hardware solution we have pieced together that is the longest-lasting battery-powered, rapid deployable CCTV solution available on the market.”

Webeye says it will have full CCTV options coming later this year. The complete, end-to-end video security solution will be small enough to transport in a small vehicle, so just one installer/integrator can quickly move and set up in new locations when needed.

Third in Webeye’s new armoury is Webeye Verify, their new fully wireless video alarm system with high-speed video alarm transmission. The self-powered system manages wireless sensors via the bidirectional communication system (868MHz), with ‘Fast TLM Plug & Play’ technology allowing reconfigure and functions through remote connection. The alarm panel with motion detection cameras are easy to install on sites without mains/AC power. Users can arm or disarm, activate outputs or even request live images from wherever they are through its Ethernet, GPRS and Wi-Fi communication channels. The motion detection camera sends high-quality images via the webeyeCMS alarm platform to all browsers or mobile apps in seconds. The complete solution launches at a price that will disrupt the rapid-deployment market.

The cloud-based platform has several new features, such as the Automated Alarm Handler function. The intelligence behind these new systems is the incorporation of webeyeCMS video alarm management. The system can react to genuine intrusions because webeyeCMS monitors all alarms but only presents those verified as actual intrusions to operators. Meanwhile, it will continue to monitor alarms in the background and present them should they become ‘verified’. This function improves efficiency and reduces time-wasting, but it will also do the alarm handlers’ job and automatically ‘close’ alarms if no further intrusion is detected.

WebeyeCMS is the future of alarm management because it incorporates video verification and accountability, which end-users now demand. The cloud-based software takes the hassle of managing alarms and is an entire automation platform with no installation charges, no annual licencing fee or minimum contract.

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