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Webeye looks forward to more opportunities to meet in person

by Geny Caloisi

The Webeye team reported remarkable success from its participation at IFSEC 2022 and said it is looking forward to IFSEC Europe 2023. The stand was constantly busy, with the technical team walking visitors through the three key areas for which webeye provides security solutions: Self Monitoring, Monitoring Stations and Rapid Deployment.

At the centre of it all is webeyeCMS, the company’s cloud video alarm platform that offers a cost-effective way of keeping track of even the most vulnerable sites.

As demonstrated on the Monitoring Station Zone at the stand, webeyeCMS can be seamlessly integrated with any current monitoring setup. The webeyeCMS solution saves time and reduces the cost for operators as they can have a sophisticated IT solution without needing an in-house development team.

The video alarm monitoring platform is a powerful tool to monitor, manage and quickly distribute alarms. If required, ‘Calipsa AI’ can also be used to visually verify any intrusion or disturbance within seconds after the alarm has been triggered. An automated alarm handler can also be enabled to close unverified alarms, focusing operator resources on the priority alarm list.

As a cloud-based service, webeyeCMS has no geographical boundaries. The software is used in sites globally, and sites worldwide can be monitored from any location.

Webeye’s partnership with RSPNDR was interesting. RSPNDR is an Uber-like platform that provides on-demand guarding services. With the use of its IT expertise, webeye will integrate RSPNDR as a simple button on the user interface so that the client can click, and the guard will be dispatched in under 30 minutes. The two companies will offer an end-to-end solution that starts with the remote monitoring of all activities through this advanced management technology.

Webeye also showcased Luminite’s OculiHD Genesis detectors and Alertex for Fire Alert & Lockdown for remote sites.

Making clever use of stand space, webeye had a door on one of the stand walls to demonstrate the Check’in product from Artifeel (see the open door with a circular window in the leading photo). Check’in is an autonomous alarm box that requires no user intervention once installed. It works continuously and incorporates artificial intelligence to recognise intrusions by distinguishing between vibrations. For instance, a door being pushed, knocked or smashed will produce a different sound vibration to a key turning in the lock. The smartphone-sized box brings together the main elements of a surveillance system and relies on artificial intelligence to facilitate configuration.

Webeye had its solar-powered Mini Modular Tower in the Rapid Deployment Zone, ideal for construction sites. The tower can be fitted with four high-resolution cameras, audio and visual deterrents and an optional TOA horn speaker.

As construction sites usually have no power supply or internet connection, webeye has an ingenious solution: webeyeGo. WebeyeGo is a compact waterproof case that, with its GPS tracker, accelerometer, SIM, and solar-rechargeable Lithium battery, is the brain that connects to both wired CCTV cameras and HD WiFi cameras with live streams, such as Dahua, Ezviz and Hikvision.

Fully integrated with webeyeCMS, WebeyeGo provides comprehensive coverage in remote areas and full real-time and historical metrics for engineers.

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