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Why cloud is mission critical for physical security

by Geny Caloisi
Morphean has published a new practical guide to help security businesses adapt to the digitalised world of physical security. As the report argues, cloud physical security has become an essential part of digital transformation, as AI-driven analytics offer superior security and intelligence benefits while mitigating the rising cost base experienced by security companies across Europe.

Hosted security platforms are disrupting the industry thanks to digitalisation. Cloud-based infrastructure enables powerful data-driven insights from surveillance data to be shared with new technologies and systems. Benefits include improved security as well as operational intelligence to drive efficiencies and profitability for end users. In the future, security professionals who understand cloud, networks, and systems, as well as physical security, will reap the rewards.

However, as the cost-of-living crisis deepens with energy and fuel prices running at their highest rates in decades, the guide reasons that cloud, AI and analytics have multiple economic benefits for partners. Switching to the cloud not only represents more predictable budgeting and recurring revenue for the partner business, but also leads to cost savings by making better use of people and internal resources, while helping them to gain a competitive edge as customer requirements rapidly evolve.

Key areas covered in the guide include:

  • Cloud physical security: A new digital dawn for CCTV
  • The business case: Reduce costs and streamline operations
  • Analytics and data-driven decisions: Improve security and business performance
  • Employing sustainable practices: Achieve green targets
  • Improving cybersecurity knowledge: Protect networks and systems
  • Trusted partnerships: Build relationships that lead to long-term success

Martyn Ryder, VP Sales and Marketing at Morphean, explains: “Such is the nature and complexity of the modern threat landscape that companies are increasingly turning to external partners to strengthen their security posture. To remain competitive physical security specialists need to arm themselves with knowledge of network connectivity, AI and the power of analytics to help them position cloud physical security technology as more than just business security, but also business intelligence. In so doing, the partner can also access many potential cost-saving benefits to future-proof their business.”

Download the guide here

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