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Wisenet X Camera Series

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The Wisenet X camera series is supercharged by the most powerful chipset ever incorporated into a full camera range. The high definition H.265 video surveillance cameras launched by Hanwha Techwin are supplied with an F0.94 motorised varifocal lens (the lowest low light lens available), and a technically advanced version of WDR. Together, these features ensure superb quality colour images are captured, regardless of the environment or the time of day, and without the need for IR LEDs or supplementary lighting.

With an all-new architecture, the Wisenet X chipset runs up to three times faster than older generations of chipsets. This delivers much faster processing of video as well as specialist analytics pre-loaded on board the cameras as standard. These include people-counting, which offers the opportunity to measure store efficiency between footfall and actual sales and also identify the busiest days, times and seasons, and queue management to identify peaks and troughs of customer flow at checkouts. Heat mapping provides accurate, real-time information about customer in-store behaviour. It does so by displaying hotspots within a store to indicate customer buying patterns, including dwell times and areas of a store where there might be low activity. This data can assist with product placement decisions.

The processing power of the Wisenet X chipset also provides an opportunity to run multiple on-board third-party analytics applications in the same way people use Apps on smartphones. These include face recognition to assist security personnel to quickly identify known offenders, and ANPR (number plate recognition) to control vehicle access to sensitive areas such as loading bays, as well as to manage car parking areas. This generates event notifications when an authorised vehicle number plate is recognised and these can be configured to trigger access control operations such as opening/closing a barrier, as well as sending activity reports and snapshots via email, FTP or SMS.

Wisenet X Advanced Technology

The cameras include market-leading 150dB Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology. This ensures clear, sharp images can be captured even when there may be strong contrasting lighting conditions. A standard WDR image is normally captured by composing 2 frames with different exposures. Wisenet X 150dB WDR uses 4 frames to create a more natural image and negates the problem of image blurring which is a weakness of standard WDR.

A high performance F0.94 motorised varifocal lens supports the ability of Wisenet cameras to capture outstanding quality images in ultra low light conditions.

Dual SD slots provide a potential 512GB of on-board storage.

Wisenet X makes life easier for system integrators by making it possible during installation to check the viewing angles of each camera from a smartphone. This is achieved via Wi-Fi and with the help of an on-board USB port.

Wisenet XNB-8000 and XNB-6000 models are also equipped with gyro sensors that provide more accurate stabilisation to combat wind or vibrations.

It is appreciated that users expect to be able to remotely view live images and retrieve recorded video, including from mobile devices. Wisenet X cameras utilise WiseStream II, a complementary compression technology which when combined with H.265 compression improves bandwidth efficiency by up to 99 per cent compared to current H.264 technology. This overcomes the challenge of ensuring there is sufficient bandwidth for the multi-streaming of high definition images and it has a positive financial impact in terms of minimising video storage requirements.

The Wisenet X series has been successfully integrated with leading VMS solutions such as Genetec Security Centre 5.6 and Milestone XProtect, and SureView’s Immix CS central station software platform. The integration allows the latest Wisenet IP camera series and NVRs, as well as analogue DVRs, to interact with Immix CS which is designed to improve the efficiency of central alarm monitoring stations offering video monitoring services. The same level of integration has also been achieved with Immix Command Centre (CC), a PSIM software platform used by businesses, institutions and agencies to monitor alarms, access control, audio and situational awareness systems.

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