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Worcester City centre gets greater security

by Geny Caloisi
Worcester City Council provides essential services for over 95,000 residents. Working with the local community, the council strives to create a prosperous, safe city and improve the quality of life for residents, students, and visitors.

Worcester City Council operates a video surveillance system in the city centre predominantly for crime prevention and deterrence, facilitating the apprehension and prosecution of offenders, identifying missing persons and flood monitoring.

A range of Avigilon PTZ and multisensor cameras are installed in strategic locations and trouble spots around Worcester city centre; all the cameras have infrared (IR) technology to provide exceptional image quality, even in low-light settings.

Images from the cameras are fed back to a secure, 24/7 monitoring suite control room now based at Pershore and equipped with the latest version of the ACC Video Management Software for ease of use and future expansion.

Avigilon Self-Learning Video Analytics, including Avigilon Appearance Search, enables operators to quickly sort through hours of video to locate a specific person or vehicle by entering physical descriptions, uploading a photo, or by finding an example within the recorded video.

Warwick Neale, Team Manager Community Services, Worcester City Council, comments, “The Avigilon technology has provided system reliability and high image quality, as well as advanced analytics. The cameras have been deployed in such a way as to optimise and futureproof the City Council’s investment to keep our communities safe. We now literally and metaphorically have the bigger picture.”

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