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3xLOGIC’s X-Series cameras offer advanced levels of detection and tracking

by Geny Caloisi
3xLOGIC announced its X-Series deep learning cameras. The X-Series cameras provide real-time, accurate, and actionable data via advanced hardware and advanced analytics.

Mike Poe, Director, Product Management at 3xLOGIC, explained, ‘X-Series cameras have analytics that allows them to perform advanced data processing directly on the camera. They use object, people, perimeter and vehicle identification algorithms to accurately detect and track in dense, complex and busy environments. Using vast volumes of representative data, the cameras continuously analyse movements and behaviour while using predictive analysis to track each object constantly.’

Unlike established motion-based solutions, 3xLOGIC’s analytics technology uses appearance-based models instead of pixels changing over time to indicate movement. By identifying and ignoring elements such as illumination changes or foliage, the trackers are less likely to report false positives. A unique identification code is assigned to each object once it begins tracking, and once the object is in the field of view, this code stays with the object.

Business intelligence can be gained indoors and outdoors with X-Series cameras. Core applications include retail, commercial and office premises, education, hospitality, warehousing and distribution, healthcare and critical infrastructure. Using deep learning analytics, 3xLOGIC tracks dwell time, entry and exit, appearance and disappearance, abandoned and removed objects, traffic direction, tailgating and people movement.

X-Series cameras form an integral part of 3xLOGIC’s VIGIL video management system, allowing users to harness the full potential of their surveillance ecosystem. For example, person, object and vehicle detection capabilities can be integrated into VIGIL CLOUD to deliver only actionable detection and notifications. Meanwhile, VIGIL Server supports use cases such as perimeter protection, business intelligence and alarm notifications. Integration with VIGIL TRENDS makes security management easier and more efficient by turning data into meaningful information – collating, deciphering, and presenting it in a way that makes sense by showing present and historical data in a business context.

3xLOGIC’s Poe concluded, ‘Our X-Series edge-based deep learning analytics cameras empower organisations to take their security to the next level by providing them with powerful analytical tools that deliver insights and actionable data, enabling them to make informed decisions and respond quickly to potential security threats.’

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