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Easy to manage, simple to install and fully scalable access control for all types of applications, 3xLOGIC’s infinias CORPORATE combines cutting edge features and cost effectiveness to create an innovative, market-leading security solution.

3xLOGIC has vast expertise in the development and integration of access control, video surveillance and VMS. Its products are designed to provide comprehensive, cost-effective systems that are easy to manage, simple to install and scale with changing needs.

3xLOGIC’s infinias access control line offers a multi-dimensional access control experience, with a range of options that meet the various demands across all vertical sectors. infinias is suitable for any size of project from a single door to an enterprise wide installation—one powerful solution that has virtually unlimited expansion capabilities.

Joining the infinias CLOUD, infinias ESSENTIALS and infinias PROFESSIONAL options, infinias CORPORATE is 3xLOGIC’s top of the range access control solution with advanced features for securing and managing commercial premises. Enabling access control for an unlimited number of doors, events and cardholders, configuration is carried out through an automated, cloud-based programming tool so users manage people, groups, roles, privileges and credentials from a single screen.

Taking control

Access control and integrated video has never been easier to install, as there are no wires from the access control system to the video system, and all data exchange is carried out through the infinias software.

Through a simple, intuitive internet browser-based user interface, the software allows viewing of real time events and associated playback, as well as reports on events and alarms. The system auto-adjusts to the size of a browser window, simplifying interaction on any device type.

Multiple roles, access rights and privileges for individual users can be configured, while the powerful rules engine performs a variety of functions including defining schedules and holidays, sending push notifications to 3xLOGIC Site Access mobile app users, and designing and printing badges with Microsoft Report Builder 3.0. Putting the power in the user’s hands, the rules engine can also define events, configure advanced filters and schedule actions to create an unlimited set of custom features that can be adapted for specific applications. Integration with Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook and Exchange enables efficient scheduling.

Next step

When making a crucial investment, only technology that is powerful enough to accommodate a wide variety of uses, both now and in the future, should be considered. 3xLOGIC’s infinias CORPORATE is available through the PAC and GDX channels, with full access to their customer service and technical support teams. Users can rely on a tried and trusted supply chain, delivering advanced solutions that are specified correctly and delivered on time, every time.


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