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ABLOY Key Deposit uses QR code

by Geny Caloisi

Abloy Oy and ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions have jointly developed ABLOY Key Deposit for Keyless Access. With it, organizations can easily grant access to critical infrastructure and properties using their mobile phones, without key logistics, thanks to the new ABLOY Key Deposit for Keyless Access. The lock is the latest addition to the keyless ABLOY BEAT and ABLOY CUMULUS portfolios.

The solution enables keyless access to properties with a smartphone via a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection. Property managers can easily grant different user groups access to properties with the deposit, eliminating unnecessary key logistics and access control.

“The ABLOY Key Deposit for Keyless Access is a new extension to our line-up of keyless entry systems for business use. It brings more access management options to various operating environments”, said Jussi Ahvalo, Vice President at Abloy International.

The product broadens the range of two product families, each of which is designed to meet the requirements of both critical infrastructure and other institutional as well as commercial organisations:

ABLOY BEAT Key Deposit is designed to protect critical infrastructure in industries including water, energy, telecommunications, transportation and logistics.

The ABLOY CUMULUS Key Deposit, in turn, is intended for use in public spaces, commercial real estate, governmental buildings, museums and housing companies. Typical users are, for instance, rescue services, property maintenance providers, as well as cash and valuables in transit companies.

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